Bean and Bacon Soup

To make this flavorful and very hearty soup,

You will need:


Soak the dried beans in cold water for eight hours or overnight. Peel all the vegetables and cut them into approximately 1 cm cubes, the same with the bacon. Heat a pot of suitable size to
medium flame, pour oil and put onions and bacon. Stirring from time to time, fry until they begin to acquire a golden color, then add the celery stalks and after a while also the carrots. Add salt and pepper. When the carrots and celery are almost ready, add potatoes, celery root, drained soaked beans and cover everything with sweet cream and water - again salt and pepper to taste. Boil until the potatoes and beans are soft, then
add finely chopped parsley and after two minutes take it off the flame.

The soup can be eaten in the classic version or as a thick soup - garnished with roasted beans for a stronger taste and texture.

Enjoy your meal!

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