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Pupuchi are mostly more than ten types of roasted pig bean products, rich in complete plant-based protein.

Crunchy beans contain seven of the eight essential amino acids that every human needs for good health.

No product contains GMOs, artificially synthesized colors and flavor enhancers. To make the products healthier, they are reduced in fat, free of allergens, nuts, soy and palm oil, and only natural spices and mixtures are used in their preparation.

Pupuchi are innovative, easy to use, healthy treats and a great source of energy. A good solution for a variety of vegetarian and vegan meals as well. Crispy food enjoyment.

About beans in general

Beans and other legumes are a valuable source not only of protein, but also of complex carbohydrates. They promote weight loss, lower blood cholesterol levels, prevent heart diseases and cleanse the body of toxins. In fact, carbohydrates like beans are fundamental to human biochemistry. They are necessary for us to be healthy, strong and able to survive. If you do not consume carbohydrates, you may face various diseases.

Beans are also especially valuable for the nervous system and mental functioning, because thanks to the high amount of protein, they improve brain function and the ability to concentrate.
Beans are the foundation of good health, so they should be eaten regularly.