1.1. SIA ZEKANTS (Latvia), unified registration No. 43603076046, address: Ievu street 12, Dzirnieki, Jaunsvirlauka parish, Jelgava district, LV-3031, Latvia, e-mail: pasutijumi@pupuchi.lv, (hereinafter – ZEKANTS), on its website www.pupuchi.lv is located an e-shop – a website of a remote purchasing system (hereinafter – the E-shop), where the opportunity to get acquainted with the products of the pupuchi brand and place an order for them is provided.

1.2. Each person (hereinafter – the Customer), when placing an order in the Online Store (hereinafter – the Order), confirms that he has read and undertakes to comply with these terms, including has read the information about delivery, delivery fee and type, delivery times. The Customer-consumer, when placing an Order, also confirms that he has received information about the right of withdrawal, the conditions, terms and procedure for its use, which is an integral part of these terms.

1.3. The delivery of ZEKANTS goods available on the Online Store is ensured by the order delivery cooperation partners.

1.4. When choosing communication settings, the Customer chooses whether to receive notifications and useful offers from the PUPUCHI brand. The Customer can choose the communication channels through which ZEKANTS provides notifications and offers to the Customer. If the Customer chooses to receive notifications and offers from the PUPUCHI brand, the Customer agrees that ZEKANTS can send them via the communication channel chosen by the Customer. The customer can unsubscribe from receiving notifications and offers from the PUPUCHI brand by sending an e-mail to the care@pupuchi.lv.


2.1. By placing an Order in the Online Store, the Customer confirms that he has read the description of the selected products of the PUPUCHI brand (hereinafter – the Goods) and that it meets the requirements and needs set by the Customer.

2.2. At the time of placing the Order, the Customer undertakes to indicate the exact personal data necessary for the provision and execution of the Order, the delivery address of the Order and contact information. In case of inaccurate data, the Order is not provided.

2.3. The Customer agrees to the processing of his/her personal data, including personally identifiable codes, and the use of technological solutions to ensure the execution of the Order, administration of payments, offering of goods, review of claims in accordance with regulatory enactments.

2.4. In the e-store environment, information about the placed Orders is not stored permanently. All documentation relating to the Order is retained by the Customer independently.

2.5. After the Customer has placed the Order and confirmed that he has read these terms and other binding documents, a confirmation of receipt of the Order application, which is for information only, is automatically sent to the e-mail specified in the Customer’s application.

2.6. If the Goods indicated in the Order are available and the Order can be executed, within 1 (one) working day from the moment of receipt of the Order application, the Customer is informed (by e-mail or by phone) about the availability of the Order and delivery terms.

2.7. Delivery of the Order is provided within 1-7 (one to seven) working days after confirmation of the Order and receipt of payment for the Order from the Customer. However, ZEKANTS reserves the right to deliver the Order within 2 (two) calendar weeks, as the delivery terms may change depending on the availability of the Product in stock.

2.8. At the time of delivery of the Order, the Customer undertakes to be at the specified place and present an identity document, otherwise the Order will not be issued. The Order is not issued to another person.

2.9. If the Order is not placed because the Customer is not present at the specified address, the Order is re-delivered after the Customer re-undertakes to be at the specified place and time. An additional delivery fee may be charged for repeated delivery of the Order.

2.10. At the time of delivery of the Order, the Customer is obliged to accept the Order and check its conformity and quality, as well as sign the documents related to the execution of the respective Order.

2.11. Delivery of orders by agreement can also be executed using other delivery methods. The terms of delivery of goods, which are not stipulated in these terms, can be found here.

2.12. A bill of lading is sent to the e-mail address specified in the Order, as well as information about the procedure for exercising the right of withdrawal of the Customer-consumer. The consignment note as a document confirming the purchase, is prepared and confirmed electronically and is sent to the Customer at the time of delivery of the Order.


3.1. By placing an Order in the Online Store, the Customer agrees to the price of the selected Product and the procedure for its payment.

3.2. The prices of goods in the Online Store are indicated in EURO with taxes, including value added tax. The fee for the delivery of the Order (if any) is determined separately, according to the selected delivery method and delivery address, in accordance with the E-store delivery price list.

3.3. The Customer may pay for the Order:

3.3.1. at the time of placing the order in the Online Store, using the online banking “bank-link” services;

3.3.2. using MASTERCARD and VISA payment cards.


4.1. The goods are food products and can be used for human consumption.

4.2. ZEKANTS has developed all the Goods to be purchased in the Online Store.


5.1. If the Customer-consumer wants to exercise the right of withdrawal, the following recommendations and conditions should be taken into account:

5.1.1. The Product that the Customer wishes to return must not be used (taking into account the specifics of the Product). If the condition of the Product has deteriorated and it has occurred due to improper storage, the Customer is not entitled to exercise the right of withdrawal.

5.1.2. The Customer is obliged to preserve and not damage the original packaging of the Product.

5.1.3. If the Customer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal, in which case he must contact ZEKANTS by e-mail: pasutijumi@pupuchi.lv. The Customer receives a withdrawal form from ZEKANTS, which is filled in and sent to ZEKANTS to the above-mentioned e-mail.

5.1.4. The Customer is obliged to keep both the courier service documents on the receipt of the Goods and the postal/courier service documents on the return of the Product to the Seller.

5.2. The Customer can find more detailed information on what is a distance contract and the right of withdrawal at the following website address: http://www.ptac.gov.lv

5.3. ZEKANTS transfers the money for the returned Product to the bank account indicated by the Customer in the withdrawal form within 14 (fourteen) calendar days after termination of the distance contract and receipt of the Product indicated in the withdrawal form at the ZEKANTS warehouse (Ievu street 12, Dzirnieki, Jaunsvirlaukas parish, Jelgavas county, LV-3031).

5.4. The Customer shall bear the costs related to the return of the Product.


6.1. ZEKANTS has the right to make changes to these Terms at any time without prior coordination with the Customer.

6.2. These Terms and Conditions have been prepared in accordance with and regulated by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia and all disputes are subject to the courts of the Republic of Latvia.

6.3. The Customer’s personal data will be used to identify the Customer and receive the Order, place the Order and its delivery, prepare accounting documents, including an invoice, refund the overpaid amount and return the amount for the returned products, administer financial obligations and other obligations arising from these Terms of Use. For more information on the processing of personal data, please refer to ZEKANTS’ privacy policy.