About us

Technology - Kristīne Ozoliņa

The product idea was a direct hit, because it was possible to combine my academic knowledge with the perseverance and passion as an experimenter. Although I am a nutritionist in the processing of dairy products by education, I also learned about plant protein behavior.

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e-mail: kristine@pupuchi.lv

Idea - Zanda Ozola

My family's passion is traveling with backpacks. Therefore, it is important that there is ALWAYS something to snack on, so that you COULD reach your daily destination and the bag won`t be too heavy. One time, a small package of oil-fried broad beans came back with me home. So the idea came about - for crunchy beans. Accoring to belief - you are what you eat - I was looking for a solution for roasted beans without fat.

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e-mail: zanda@pupuchi.lv

Eat healthy

We created PUPUCHI snacks that provide best for you. We believe that food makes you feel as good as it tastes, and we expand borders and challenge common beliefs when it comes to snacks. That's why we created a healthy snack PUPUCHI, paving the way for a new category of snacks.

We improve your favorite snacks

By rising them above unhealthy products, that have empty health indications

After all, it's all about finding a balance in everyday life and enjoying every step - in every bite. Join the PUPUCHI community on Facebook, Instagram and e-mail to be the first one to get new exciting flavors, special offers, tasty recipes and much more!